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  Research Field
  Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Information Processing
  High-resolution Remote Sensing Image Understanding
  Multi-source Remote Sensing Geological Interpretation
  Urban/ Agriculture/ Emergency Applications

RSIDEA Research Field —— Review



     The research group carried out basic theoretical research on the three aspects of hyperspectral remote sensing information processing, high-resolution remote sensing image understanding, geo-interpretation of multi-source remote sensing data, and the geometric and physical properties of surface matter, and ultimately applied to urban / agricultural / emergency and other fields.
     Based on the hyperspectral remote sensing information processing technology, mianly observe the surface material physical properties, and build "visible light-near infrared-thermal infrared" full spectrum of hyperspectral remote sensing observation platform, and form an integrated information processing system for hyperspectral remote sensing "feature expression selection-pixel fine classification - mixed pixel analysis", which is applied to domestic hyperspectral satellite data processing, crop fine classification, deep space exploration and analysis.
     Based on the understanding of high-resolution remote sensing images, mainly observe the geometric properties of surface matter, and the "high-resolution satellite-high-resolution video-unmanned aerial vehicle" dynamic and static multi-source observation platform is constructed, to form a "pixel-target-scene" multi-level information processing system, and the city road extraction, fine character recognition, urban planning, urban change detection, target detection and so on.
     Based on the multi-source remote sensing data geography interpretation, the use of the complementary features of multi-source data, to describe the multiple attributes of surface matter, construct the multi-source remote sensing information automatic integration scheme of geometric radiation pretreatment-multi-source data fusion classification based on intelligent calculation and optimization-remote sensing image change detection. and form the processing system of "multi-source remote sensing data fusion classification, multi-objective intelligent optimization and evolution calculation, multi-source remote sensing image change detection" which is applied to urban remote sensing data analysis and application, agricultural remote sensing information processing, multi-source remote sensing image target detection.

     Based on three basic theory research, studies the multi-source remote sensing data of hyperspectral, high-space and high-time resolution for the application of long-term, multi-scale and quantitative methods for geoscience applications such as city, agriculture and emergency.

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Information Processing

     Hyperspectral refers to the remote sensing science and technology with high spectral resolution. Its imaging spectrometers can obtain the dozens to hundreds of narrow band spectrum information of each pixel, and form a complete and continuous spectral curve. Different objects have the unique spectral curves owing to their physical and chemical characteristics. Therefore, spectral and spatial information are observed at the same time in hyperspectral remote sensing imagery, realizing the detailed classification of proerty information of objects. With the development of hyperspectral remote sensing image resources, high spectral remote sensing has been widely used in urban, agricultural, mineral, Marine and atmospheric fields.
     Based on the exiting hyperspectral platforms at home and abroad, the hyperspectral research team in this group
       facing new observation methods such as GF-5, UAV hyperspectral, deep space hyperspectral, etc
       researching theory and applicaton methods of the full spectrum hyperspectral remote sensing information processing
       building full spectrum hyperspectral remote sensing observation platforms covering "visible-near-infrared-thermal infrared"
       forming information processing systems including "feature selection representation-pixel detailed classification-mixed pixel analysis"
       application detailed classification of crops, surface coverage mapping, deep space exploration analysis
High-resolution Remote Sensing Image Understanding

       High-resolution remote sensing can measure the earth at meters or even sub-meter spatial resolution. The high spatial resolution remote sensing image can clearly express the spatial structure and surface texture of the target object, and distinguish the interior fine composition, edge information is also more clear, provides the conditions and basis for the effective interpretation of geography. With the high-resolution remote sensing image resources increasingly rich, high-resolution remote sensing have achieved rapid development in the mapping, urban planning, transportation, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, environmental resources monitoring and other fields.
     Our high-resolution remote sensing research team has been based on high-resolution platform at home and abroad.
  Multi-source Remote Sensing Geological Interpretation  

       Multi-source remote sensing data geoscience interpretation refers to the multi-source remote sensing data containing the same target or scene, the time-space-spectrum complementary data according to certain rules to obtain more accurate, complete and effective information than any single data. Through specific ways and technical methods, we can transfer the ground information and play the role of interpretation of remote sensing image. It’s also necessary to get the component and connotation of the ground object in order to obtain a comprehensive and full description of the target or scene. With the increasingly ways of remote sensing data acquisition, multi-source remote sensing data geography interpretation has been widely used in the geological, urban, agricultural, ecological and other fields.
     Based on the existing multi-source remote sensing information fusion, our team is
High-resolution, high-resolution, thermal infrared, vector data and other multi-source remote sensing data based on satellite      and UAV platforms
Multi - source remote sensing data geography interpretation theory and application method
  Multi-source Remote Sensing Information Automatic Integrated Processing Scheme of "Geometric Radiation                     Preconditioning-Multi-source Data Fusion Based on Intelligent Computing and Optimization-Multi-source Remote Sensing Image      Change Detection"
       Building  Information Processing System of "Multi-source remote sensing data fusion classification, multi-target intelligent      optimization and evolutionary computation, multi-source remote sensing image change detection"
Urban remote sensing data analysis and application, agricultural remote sensing information processing, multi-source      remote sensing image target detection
  Urban/Agriculture/Emergency Application  

         Assessment of the total primary productivity of crops
       Monitoring of the diseases and insect pests of crops
       Monitoring of the diseases and insect pests of crops
       Analysis of the stress index of crops (waterlogging, soil pollution, extreme weather, etc)
       Urban remote sensing
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