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     Professor Zhong Yanfei Research Group RSIDEA (Intelligent Data Extraction ,Analysis and Application of Remote Sensing) has long been engaged in remote sensing image processing analysis and application work, The main research directions are hyperspectral remote sensing information processing, high resolution remote sensing image scene understanding, UAV hyperspectral / hot infrared, multi-source remote sensing data geology interpretation, urban, agricultural and other remote sensing applications. Undertook and participated in a number of national projects, including: National Key Research and Development Program, 973 Program, 863 Program ,National Natural Science Foundation, etc. (RSIDEA Study Group's home page: .Welcome students interested in my group to study master's and doctoral degrees.

    How to join the RSIDEA group
    profession:no restrictions, welcomed the remote sensing, telecommunications, computer, mathematics and other professional students submitted and apply for
    To join the study team of our lab, please contact us as soon as possible (junior high school semester next semester) and prepare the following PDF electronic file

1. Personal resume: including personal profile, education and research experience, award-winning situation, skill level, research interest and future research plan, self-evaluation, etc. (please specify contact information)

    2. transcripts of university or institute over the years
After you communicate with me and get my consent, you will be preferred to join the experimental team, and you will have the following advantages:
    1. For recommended postgraduate do not have to prepare for the laboratory test, will be able to focus on senior professional courses and take root for future research
    2. Early access to my guidance and research resources (such as laboratory space, equipment, subsidies and other hardware and software use rights, etc.)
    3. Excellent performance, can apply for Master-Docter combined program after a year
    Cultivation of talents
    In the school, students have repeatedly won the national scholarship, Wang Zhizhuo, Xia Jianbai, Guanghua and other special scholarships, to participate in domestic and international academic conference.
    The whereabouts of the graduates
    1. PhD graduates: Tongji University, Wuhan University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China University of Geosciences
    2. Master graduate: the provincial and municipal surveying and mapping hospital, design and research institutes, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and the company
    Contact information
    Zhong Yanfei, Wuhan University, Professor of the State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying , Mapping and Remote Sensing
    Office Address: 2th teaching building -308, contact: 027-68779969
    E-mail: (preferred contact)
    For more information on the RS-IDEA Study Group, please consult Admissions Assistant: He Da (16th Ph.D.) QQ: 521035300
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